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+, +, + very high production values

-, -, – the main character has been wimpified, in accordance to the trend of our times. Although he’s doing amazing and heroic things a large part of the game he’s annoying whiny and bringing the whole mood down

+, +, +, + some really great cinematics, with great cinematography, entertaining mood, interesting touches and moments, subtle and well done from the tragic to the humorous, quite impressive (even in the moments I didn’t quite agree with the message I was impressed by the quality)

-, – felt, i don’t know how to put it, somehow weirdly linear/cluttered, a bunch of times I’d get lost, not feeling like i’m exploring, but rather that I’m hitting walls and working my way through a maze. It would sometimes trick my brain that it’s a bit open, which would then get me into even more trouble as it turned out to be linear or i had to figure out some contrived way to advance that I had trouble figuring out

+, + nice energetic sountrack

+, + nice variety of locations

+ pretty interesting story and a steady pace of progressing through story

– a bit censored here in germany unfortunately

+, + even has an arcade with the whole / multiple episodes of Wolfenstein 3d, that was very impressive. Unfortunately again here in germany it’s heavily censored and they also took a IMO bad decision to present the screen at a funny angle.

+, +, +, + there’s some really amazing environments at time, both in the superb, nay, even fantastic at time set design and prop placement as well as

+, + good rendering engine making everything pretty looking

Overall I’d give this one a 1,5 on a -5 to 5 scale. It was a solid AAA game, with great production values. It brought the mood down a bit by being so in tune with our times from the wimpifying of the main hero (there’s even a scene where he literally cries in his mother’s lap if i remember right) to the tendency to a bit reverse discriminate, but hey, all in all a very well done game with high production values, and hey, maybe that will help it sell better as intended even with the compromises. I can’t say the story blew me away (again typical modern stuff, including the complaining about abusive parents blaming), but it was professionally done and the gameplay was also decent, if at times unreasonably hard in a “repeat this section until you get it right” kind of non fun way. Still, I’d call this a good game, well done, entertaining and high quality even if it didn’t blow me away.