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It’s stuff like this that impresses me about the games today, they can give one experiences I’ll probably never have in my life… for example in this case just wondering arid areas, fascinating stone formations or a desert in all directions. Just fantastic! And not just the visuals, but the sounds, how they change based on what you’re stepping on, and the kind of love given, I mean i just couldn’t believe it when i started to to experience mirages. that kind of attention to detail and hidden subtletly In the past I would only expect from some elite Metal Gear Solid 3 game or something… and yet here it was. What a treat! And even the In general and technically this game in general has just mindblowing environmental detail, also greatly due to the fantastic work of Sébastien Rousseau, check out some of his amazing grounds for the game:

Another thing that I totally didn’t expect is some technical/engineering/historical thinking about the objects, in fact i was betting against it. I had expected the game to be all eye candy, instead I saw there some incredibly thought out irrigation mechanisms in Egypt, I marveled at devices to lift the water, at an ingenious system using a river power to raise the water level for another perpendicular unconnected river, irrigations for plants, and here… Aqueducts… which, in a level of delight that I often wish for in reality are in construction (just like some Pyramids) , giving the opportunity to observe and understand the method of doing. Just amazing. Simply running around in this world is to me mindblowing. And i remember seeign in one place a multi-layered set of pols of water seemingly meant strongly for function (maybe for colors or making some kind of chemical processing?). Fascinating.