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Now I should mention that I don’t agree with all the author is saying, and I have a much better opinion about appealing to more people, however I do believe the author mentions some very valid points. I quite loved Oblivion, but indeed am quite disappointed with many shallow elements in Skyrim: 3-4 dialogues options with an NPC, no branches, no choices of consequence, and yes, it is silly that in an attempt to make everything accessible items and locations/difficulty have no value anymore. Still, unlike the author I am more optimistic, I think deeper games will come, Morrowind pioneered, Oblivion & Skyrim consolidate and prove that there is a demand (shown by purchases) for such content, this will I believe open the gates for more developers and eventually the deeper more immersive content will not only re-emerge but do so on a much higher level of content value (for example I love my audio content spoken in various languages).


PS: obviously I’m saying all this stuff and caring about it because I looooove the elder scrolls games, and I hope with all my heart that more companies will make open world first person rpg games… I’m just hoping they’ll remember the depth we’re looking for.

PS2: yes, indeed there’s a certain magic to navigating a world without a compass, if the world is interesting (and not recycled models), a good example would be the Gothic 2 world.

The Elder Scrolls dumbdown, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating