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Dead Island 2 Runner Trailer

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Can’t wait for this game. I’m sorry though I think I heard the voice of that actor who generally makes silly movies. It would be a shame if they took that direction with this game as part of the value to Dead Island was that it had a serious approach to things, and I was hoping it would evolve and mature by making it even more so.

Spec Ops: The Line – quick impressions

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Spec Ops The Line - Artsygamer - 07

+ Okay, this is one of those hidden fantastic gems that I sometimes wish I could share to my non-gamer friends and yet I know it probably won’t get to them, not just because it’s a game, but because

– it starts out as a normal game, you almost wanna dump it as yet another american war glorifying squad shooter and only then proceeds

+ to blow off your mind with shocking revelations and twists

++ the scenery is just fantastic, the sights, the attention and love given to the level design, just fantastic

+ very interesting story, with major, maaaaaaajor twists

+ to my great shock there’s actual moments of branching off

++ some trully unforgettable scenes, worthy of the best movies ever.

+ everyting becomes 5x as awesome as you look at it back through the memory filtred to the knowledge you gain in the later part of the game

+ some truly major moral issues touched in a way that can make your emotions and thoughts swirl dizzyingly

+ even the menu gets some fantastic touches, I just can’t forget the sniper at the top of the building and how his stance changes through out the war

PS: this review was supposed to be done by our very own awesome Razvan but I just couldn’t help myself anymore, this game is too awesome to be forgotten.


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