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– to be honest i wasn’t expecting much because of the visual artwork and the initial impression was that the artwork could be better

+, + but then the world came alive and turned out to be quite fascinating because of what was happening in it not so much of how it looked

+, +, + I gotta admit I even quite enjoyed online play. The observation and hacking played pretty much like an interesting multi-step hide&seek with great surprises

+, +, + the main story turned out to be quite interesting, having a lot of variety

-, + the music on the radio had some okay songs but also some more mediocre ones. Compared to say GTA i would say the radio soundtrack is not as good. One original plus is the ability to actually pick songs and i think even make playlists

+, + however the game’s original soundtrack in main missions is quite awesomely immersive.

+ it does some quite big innovations in the field of online playing. You could say it has invasions like a souls game, or Bloodborne, but it does so without being annoying, as it only does them between missions and they’re much more friendly in the sense that the invader is punished if he attacks so it’s more of a voyeuristic interesting sharing experience and it can easily be avoided and wihtout big bad consequences

+ a ton of side activities and inside minigames. Things ranging from virtual reality overlay coin gathering to chess puzzles and finding a ball hidden in cups, surprisingly interesting stuff

+, +, +, + the game manages to touch on a lot of modern topics of interest such as sphere of privacy stuff, people exchanging privacy for security, possibilities of htis being exploited and even political implications. It also manages to do this without being incredibly predictably judgemental sometimes even throwing arguments on both sides of the debate

+, + to my great surprise it manages to do a geeky hacking game without being totally stupid or lame. That’s quite impressive.

+ in the end the city turned out surprisingly big, reminding me of San Andreas a bit with core and periphery.

+, +, + great value, much longer and more interesting than i expected

Conclusions: 3 (on a -5 to 5 scale). I gotta say this game totally blew me away. Story, length, living world, variety, all done so very well. The world environment art could’ve been better and the city is a bit square-ish boring, but it’s brought to life by everything happening in it, an interesting story and interesting philosophical questions it raises, all while managing to be fun. It even manages to do online in a surprisingly okay way. Respeckt!