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Little Big Planet Vita – impressions

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Rating: 5.0/5 (2 votes cast)

Well, it only took me like 3-4 years, but i finished it.

–  took so long because after the initial enjoyment it did what many games do which is have an unreasonable difficulty spike at the end so i just dropped it

+, + Great art assets, always with great character

+, +  nice music with a variety as big as the visual themes

+, +, + a great and surprising variety in gameplay designs. Didn’t expect so much variety and inovation

+, – decent story. Might not have loved it but at least it had character

Overall: i’d give it a 2 on a -5 to 5 scale, very high production values, great entertainment and variety, even for somebody like me with a natural avoidance of everything that has childish themes, yet i still enjoyed it quite a lot due to it’s great and and abundant content in every corner.

Killzone Mercenary – impressions

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Rating: 4.0/5 (1 vote cast)

+, +, +, + amazing lighting, as i’ve grown to admire about the Killzone games, the brave and striking choice of lighting is awe inspiring, interplays of warm and cool lights are quite spectacular, as are the blooms are flares

– , +  the game does try to give choices of stealth, but as much as i would’ve liked to do it it seemed unreasonably hard

+, + surprisingly interesting story, including interesting moral greys (even if not in choices)

-, – way too many enemies and waves

+, + , +  possibly the most technically impressive PS Vita game i’ve seen, a milestone in 3d gfx for the Vita.

– though the visuals are impressive the locations are sometimes a bit similar on the industrial side

+, +, +, + much more meaty than i expected, at least double or triple as long as i initially thought it would be

– sometimes way too hard missions i had to repeat with frustration

+, + nice story twists

Overall: 2 (on a -5 to 5 scale). A decent game that excels when you consider the platform it’s on. For the Vita it shows amazing 3d which more than once left me thinking this is almost big console/ps3 level graphics and scene setup, something i can’t think of any other Vita games to have done so well in full amazing 3d.

PS+ January 2014

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Well, after being underwhelmed and unimpressed for christmas by PS+ games now I’m again blown away. Can’t wait to get the new DMC, and Borderlands 2 has been on my wishlist for ages so that’s very exciting! I’m a bit confused as to which games are ps4, if it’s just don’t starve it’s cool, and might play it a bit but that seems like a very weak title for a powerful machine to show off with :P If it’s for the ps3 though than it’s extra fun to the pile.

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