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Ubisoft E3 2017 Press Conference

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+ I was impressed with the showmanship from beginning to end, pretty much all the presenters looked like interesting often impressive serious people. And the kick off the conference with a french guy and a japanese guy talking funny english, that in itself was brilliant, not to mention… wow Myamoto!!!

+, – Mario + Rabbids, quite funny stuff, made me think maybe Ubisoft will be for me that company which makes the games for Switch that I don’t trust Nintendo to do good enough, cool minions type of humor. On the downside the game itself might be a high budget Ios/Android game with branding… what it did get me thinking is how cool an Xcom game would be for the switch instead, as the gameplay seemed straight out of there

+, +, – AC origins, can’t wait to play it, nice trailer, but unlike MS conference no gameplay to speak of and more importantly I was again struck at how low-detail (animations/textures) the pedestrians in the crowds seem.

+ The Crew 2 trailer, man, so much kewl, it reminded me again why i think only Ubisoft and Blizzard have the knowhow to make such CG trailers, so professional, pacing, video, music, they make some really good trailers. Add to that the showcasing of planes and boats and and a pretty world witch I now trust them to make… lots of respect. i’m not a car guy, but to me this was sooo above all other car games at the show, to be precise the order of how much i was impressed with : The Crew >  Need for Speed > Forza in terms of what was shown at E3

+, – Skull & Bones again, maaan, they sure know how to make a cg animation. Almost movie quality. Unfortunately seems not only distant but also the kind of game i don’t care for, multiplayer-ish. Seems to me like they’ve taken the naval warfare from AC games and are applying multiplayer styles from For Honor. Great artwork but I’m not tempted to keep grinding online in clans

– Just Dance, not interested, but not as lame as last year’s push or when that was with the annoying black lady

– Starlink don’t really know what to make of it and it’s distant, but looks good

– Steep, sports stuff… whatver

-, +, + Farcry 5 I find nasty the politically correct propaganda attack on religious people and on independent minded groups but I’m sure i’ll have tons of fun in that game and looks fantastic. I don’t expect nearly as much as the awesome africa of 2 or places of 3, but still, it’ll probably be good.

+ Beyond Good and Evil 2 i gotta say i wasn’t that huge a fan of the original, unlike everybody in the world it seems, played it on the ps2, but never loved it, so I’m surprised just how much i liked this trailer. The production values, the subtleties, the character… this is truly cinema material, better maybe than the last high budget animation movies I’ve seen. They managed to drop the old characters I wasn’t super looking forward to but instead invent these new and fun ones, and all wrapped in so much “cool factor”. I’m surprised myself because I know they should qualify as “silly to me, yet i found it cool/entertaining.

Overall I’d give this conference a +3 on a -5 to 5 scale, not because I found so many great games I’m excited about, but simply because I thought they had great showmanship, pacing and all that kind of stuff. It was simply entertaining from beginning to end for me.


Watchdogs – impressions

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– to be honest i wasn’t expecting much because of the visual artwork and the initial impression was that the artwork could be better

+, + but then the world came alive and turned out to be quite fascinating because of what was happening in it not so much of how it looked

+, +, + I gotta admit I even quite enjoyed online play. The observation and hacking played pretty much like an interesting multi-step hide&seek with great surprises

+, +, + the main story turned out to be quite interesting, having a lot of variety

-, + the music on the radio had some okay songs but also some more mediocre ones. Compared to say GTA i would say the radio soundtrack is not as good. One original plus is the ability to actually pick songs and i think even make playlists

+, + however the game’s original soundtrack in main missions is quite awesomely immersive.

+ it does some quite big innovations in the field of online playing. You could say it has invasions like a souls game, or Bloodborne, but it does so without being annoying, as it only does them between missions and they’re much more friendly in the sense that the invader is punished if he attacks so it’s more of a voyeuristic interesting sharing experience and it can easily be avoided and wihtout big bad consequences

+ a ton of side activities and inside minigames. Things ranging from virtual reality overlay coin gathering to chess puzzles and finding a ball hidden in cups, surprisingly interesting stuff

+, +, +, + the game manages to touch on a lot of modern topics of interest such as sphere of privacy stuff, people exchanging privacy for security, possibilities of htis being exploited and even political implications. It also manages to do this without being incredibly predictably judgemental sometimes even throwing arguments on both sides of the debate

+, + to my great surprise it manages to do a geeky hacking game without being totally stupid or lame. That’s quite impressive.

+ in the end the city turned out surprisingly big, reminding me of San Andreas a bit with core and periphery.

+, +, + great value, much longer and more interesting than i expected

Conclusions: 3 (on a -5 to 5 scale). I gotta say this game totally blew me away. Story, length, living world, variety, all done so very well. The world environment art could’ve been better and the city is a bit square-ish boring, but it’s brought to life by everything happening in it, an interesting story and interesting philosophical questions it raises, all while managing to be fun. It even manages to do online in a surprisingly okay way. Respeckt!

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