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Tropico 5 funny trailers

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Not only am I looking forward to thsi game because of the very interesting simulations and humor of the last 2 but also I happened to have recently seen the Charlie Chaplin movie so had to post this.

Oh, and with all the Pirates of the Caribbean stuff (and now playing AC4) this one is also particularly funny imo:

Humble Bundle Kalypso

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humble bundle Kalypso

Hey, Tropico 3 & 4! What a great chance for those who haven’t tried out these fantabulous super funny and incredibly interesting games. I know there’s other games too there… but maaan, these games are cooool! Check them out at (this week before the link changes).

Tropico 3:

Anna (seems like a promissing adventure in the quiet style of Dear Ester:

Tropico 4:

Sine Mora:


Jagged Alliance: Back in Action:

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