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This was a quite remarkable DOS game. In case you haven’t played it I found more than one surprisingly good Android ports for it. Quite the brain and reflex teasers in this game. Didn’t manage to get very far, but had a lot of respect for this.

gameSketch 113

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This may look like a very simple game and it was… but it’s design, level by level, was simply mindblowingly awesome. It managed from one level to another to make it feel like you’re playing a completely different game. Sometimes super complex puzzles, sometimes action scenes, and even the occasional pac-man experience. I remember there was even a maze level and many had multiple solutions which required some serious thinking & experimentation.


Usual rules: 3 tries per person, 2x multipliers for first timers. Winner gets to propose a theme/scene as well as 1 day extraordinary forum bragging rights. Outstanding orders: Jaco x6, player347 x3, Diana x5, Radu x29, VideoGamesAsArt x2 , thegazer x2, rsocu x3, Teofil S, Firefish x6. Awaiting scenes from you guys. Newcomers may ask for a freebie.


Have a great gaming weekend everybody!

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