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Song of Da Day: Mafia 3 – Heroes And Villains

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This game  keeps surprising me with it’s amazing retro soundtrack and now on a holiday “january” sale I finally got the season pass i was looking forward to for long and this song just came up on the in-game radio and it totally blew me away (past the first minute especially) with it’s technical trickery and playful whimsines. Perfect and even christmasy feeling somehow. Meeery Chrismas everybody!

Quake 2 – adrenaline music

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Now I wish I could say Quake 2 is an art masterpiece, but to be honest I played it more as a fps experience & a technology breakthrough… i love the immersion that 1st person brings… but there is one BIG thing that made my play a FANTASTIC ride, and that is the amazing music. It blew me away and set my standards for many years to come of what great adrenaline music can be… for years I would ask everybody if they know of anything like this, and though it’s been many years I don’t think I have ever found anything as energetic and yet without the clutter of words (unfortunatelly music like this is usually accompanied by screeming people, which tend to bring more negative feelings while this brings pure “I’m doing something exciting” feeling). Also very cool: because it was audio tracks I could take my Quake 2 cd to friends and listen on their cd players: everybody was blown away.
Btw, if you wanna hear the real sounds to the video (the game intro) it’s here (there too my favorite moments are when the music purrs with the drama of the crash after the excitment of the great attack).

PS: I was still marked more by the Unreal soundtrack, but the story of my reverence for Straylight productions and their mastery of tracking is a story for another post…

Koh Ohtani

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Okay, I’m going to kickstart the music category with one of my favorite musicians in the last couple of years: Koh Ohtani. It’s really a shame how few people know about him. I myself feel so very fortunate to have heard his music and I listen to it much more and with much more pleasure than 10 popular TV artists of your choice put together… and most of the classics too. It’s just got that magic feeling, that moving deep inside of feelings, those shivers all over my skins as my heart trembles that good music is supposed to produce (everything is subjective, of course. But where there’s one there *could* be many).
I myself fell in love with his Shadow of the Colossus soundtrack, but he has much more creations it would seem. I hope to get my greedy hands on them sometime. Like we were saying in the ideology of this comunity: we belive there is great art in games, though it often flies by unnoticed as the people who play them are only interested in gameplay mechanics: it takes a certain spirit and a certain mindset to notice not how you play a game, but it’s beautiful architecture, it’s moving music, it’s grandiose imagery, it’s heart melting story… and that is what artsygamer is about. It may take decades before society as a whole realizes that all their accepted artforms, from music to painting are being integrated into this “silly gameplay thingie”… but that doesn’t mean great stuff isn’t there already.
Getting back to Koh Ohtani, here are some previews of some of my favorite pieces on the Wanda to Kyozou / Shadow of the Colossus soundtrack

大谷幸The Farthest Land (reprise)
大谷幸The Sunlit Earth
大谷幸Prohibited Art
大谷幸The End of the Battle

Here’s a recording of a play by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, 2007 and another piece interpreted by The Eminence Symphony Orchestra in Sydney, Australia.

what are your favorite soundtracks? How about writing an article about some of the best music you’ve discouvered in gaming?


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