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Demon’s Crest Speedrun

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Find this game so fascinating, the only SNES game i actually finished. The world, the anti-hero story, the creatures, the superb and varied locations… so much respect for this one.

I remembered it because I saw it today on games done quick:

Holding up surprisingly decently good 22 years after it’s launch in 1994:

Demon’s Crest

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It’s a tragedy how quickly games “grow old”… well, it’s also great news of the speed of their evolution, but what I mean to say is that I understand how hard it is even a few years later to see the beauty in something that by our present standards is antiquated. So I was very happy when I saw somebody writing about this one because I thought it is an amazing masterpiece. If you’re willing to overlook it’s age the graphics is superb, original, the story is shockingly interesting and the music creates a mood that I’d call one of the best “gothic” moods I’ve ever experienced. Unluckily for me I never did finish it. I was sure I had gotten close but now looking around the web it seems the game is even more huge and awesome than I experienced… just had to write about it a bit…
Some screenshots from the game can be seen here.
Reading it’s wikipedia page I realize the main character is a true anti-hero, and since I’ve played this quite a long time ago, but blogged about it quite recently I’m reminded of a quote which I believe is from Anne Rice’s vampire books which (i think) goes something like: ‘over the centuries we don’t change, but become more and more ourselves’.

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