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(prepare for a very subjective viewpoint)

Well, this was a long play. I wish I could be super impressed with the game, but I’m afraid the excitement isn’t proportional to the time I spent playing it:

+ a lot of content

– a lot of the content is recycled (eg the first time you see a cave/dungeon/ruin it’s super new and exciting, but soon it doesn’t feel so fresh)… the exception to this is that ‘soon’ may mean many hours later

– as I was afraid from the start it doesn’t have the same warm mood as Oblivion: I’m keeping with my first intuition of it all, I suspect it’s the setting: the nordic realms predispose to a certain ‘snowy’, non-sunny look

– you can no longer travel the landscape easily and in a straight line because of all the mountains… I guess this is understandable but it did force me to actually even use fast travel… which I consider a cheat and I tried hard not to… but you could feel the game was not meant for that… all seriously aggravated by the next one:

– in a game where everything grows by doing they took out the one most important to me class: athletics: no longer will your running speed and jumping heights improve. This basically means they killed onfoot travel for me. That and the walking feels slower and the sprinting only happens for very short distances (relative to the size of the landscape) and in a game oriented towards choice they killed my choice not to use the horses (which are not that great btw)

+ a lot of quests

+ a lot of side stuff

+ many dialogues

+ new big scenarios

+ first person :D :D

+ magic :D

+ a lot of content in many languages (learned a lot of german through the many dialogues)

– the dialogues still haven’t passed the level of a shallow list html… I was really hoping this time around they’d have some branches. Yes, they compensate some by having spacial choices… but I would have liked dialogues about which it actually matters what you choose. I don’t think I ever felt that anxiety of a real choice in a dialogue.

+ some very interesting quests.


All in all I obviously liked the game, since I spent more than 170h playing it… but I’m saying it could have been better in some ways. It did so many things good though that it totally redefined the playing field for many games to come… and hopefully it showed other developers too what an open world can be, how big it can be and that first person is a great choice for an RPG.