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MDK – wonderfully crazy music for an amazing world

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What a wonderfully strange surreal world/experience/universe this 1997 game managed to create! And the soundtrack is as crazy and varied as the world, with each piece fitting so well into the moment in the story it was placed in.

EarthWorm Jim 2

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I haven’t really played much of it, but everything I saw had such great visuals and the humor was so funny over the top that I have to mention it. The animations are like soooooo expressive… (carryin heavy cows comes to mind… or was it pigs? or both? no no… there was something with the cows, the milking?) … enjoy :D

PS: love the twist on stealing the princess

PS2: Shiny entertainment rooocks!

PS3: I love how they didn’t stay away from the fact that he is a worm and many times u see his wormy shapes put to use

MDK – a world of worlds of originality

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I tried hard to find a video that would do this game any kind of justice, but it is one of those things that just can’t be show with another art form (movies)… visually it has impressed me in sooooo many ways, surreal in colors, in experience, in subtle humor… it’s amazing how 3d rooms can be truly coreographed so that when moving through them they produce the effect of a hypnotic movement… so i chose this segment for tho colorful painted rooms, the loked within a painted world joke and i’ll also link to this mirrored hypnosis:

as for other jokes to watch : worlds smallest atomic bomb and most interesting bomb (all enemies stare at it).

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