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I’m growing to like Bethesda more and more… i feel like they’ve made a bit of commitment through this one and i’m really happy if they start to pool resources from crossovers, Doom, Fallout, Skyrim, Dishonored, Prey… i hope they can pull the engine, the pipeline, maybe artists or workflows and editors, maybe this is the only way today to compete with the huge financial attraction of “games as service” with all the recurring revenues, but maybe with a pool of games which could benefit from cross content they could pull of producing regular content based games. It stresses me even in a game which i admire for the world like AC Origins, it stresses me out every time i start it to get a “join this week’s community event”, “buy our newest trivial skin”.. it’s like an endless little frustration jab: “you don’t have it all, and you haven’t completed it”… robbign me of the joy of knowing i’m done and of the ease of mind of knowing “what’s left” and instead keeping me in a constant “see, there’s this new content, this MIGHT be something you’ll love … OR it might be another wave based leaderboards trick hidden under a story skin, but the only way to find out is to waste some time and anxiety poking at it for a while”.

I really hope some companies will find it profitable to still make games as content (as opposed to as service), things that you can just consume like a movie/book and be done to it and move on, but if people keep voting with their pockets otherwise… of course I understand them, but I have some hopes that maybe this kind of content has a kind of less glamour but hopefully a kind of security for companies after all. Even if it’s just some niches.