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gameSketch 348

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[player347 hint outstanding]

This week’s gameSketch comes to us based on a proposal by Player347. Thank you!
PS: The winners of the fantastic special edition have been credited to their respective gameSketch accounts with 7 points: Radu, Player347, FireFish, HaikuHunter, PettyX90, Jaco, 47Crows, Ioana_Rebeca, Bia Hawks. Awaiting proposals from you guys.

Usual rules: 3 tries per person. Winner gets to propose a gameSketch. x5 multiplier for first timers. Newcomers: you may ask for 3 freebies even if you didn’t yet guess anything. Outstanding credits: PettyX90 x7, 47Crows x7, Haikuhunter x8, Jaco x97, Firefish x27, Void, Pori x2, player347 x7, Tarpo x5, player347 x9, Diana x6, Radu x45, VideoGamesAsArt x2 , thegazer x9, BiaHawks x7, rsocu x5, Teofil S. Awaiting scenes from you guys.

PS+ January 2014

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Well, after being underwhelmed and unimpressed for christmas by PS+ games now I’m again blown away. Can’t wait to get the new DMC, and Borderlands 2 has been on my wishlist for ages so that’s very exciting! I’m a bit confused as to which games are ps4, if it’s just don’t starve it’s cool, and might play it a bit but that seems like a very weak title for a powerful machine to show off with :P If it’s for the ps3 though than it’s extra fun to the pile.

Resistance 3 – quick impressions

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+ : high production values

+ – : it feels like an old shooter, like Quake 2, Half Life, Doom or something like that: waves after waves of enemies with some story in between

– – : horrible pacing. It’s better at the beginning but in the later parts of the game it just doesn’t know how to ease of on the pressure. The game’s idea of variation is not fight, pause, fight, atmosphere but fight 100 enemies, fight 50 enemies… too bad ’cause at some points it had some interesting locations and scenes such as seeing refuges and resistance living conditions. It’s like it tries to be Half Life 2 but forgets the pacing and the atmosphere parts or cuts them short after doing them.

– – – – : the game doesn’t know the meaning of the word “easy”. On the easiest level available, with shooters being my favorite genre for like 15+ years i died countless times and repeated sections annoyingly. And then it would give me “helpful” hints like “you can lower the difficulty”. Seriously, a high difficulty is a light form of stealing for a game: you as the customer payed money and yet many customers never get to the end for frustration. What would you say about a movie it was increasingly hard to see the ending of? Luckily i finished this one

+ : nice variety of locations

+ : pretty good german voices dubbing

– : occasional story weirdness such as bandits who attack you even as they’re being killed of by aliens. Isn’t “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” one of the oldest military strategy? And yet these guys were for some mysterious reason insisting on killing you more than the aliens who were killing them

+ : some quite beautiful modeling and architecture

+ : interesting variety of guns, I can’t think of any other game with so many gun types. Wish I didn’t have to use them quite so desperately though :P


Overall: somehwere between -1 and 0 (on a -5 to 5 scale). Might be worth trying out if you’re into old school shooters

Playstation Plus Included Games

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To be honest I’m quite shocked and can’t believe how much they’re giving away included in the standard subcription… major AAA titles. I was sorta expecting some discounts, or the occasional non-interesting game, or if a good game then only from Sony studios and older ones… but WOW!

And constant year stuff too, besides their monthly changes:


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