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Hint: Watch for the hiding character in the shadows...

Hint: Watch for the hiding character in the shadows…

Based on proposal and photo by Bia Hawks. Thank you!
Bia: I didn’t recognize the game or character in the shadows mentioned in the hint, so I don’t know if it can be seen/understood by those who might recognize it. If not please give more hints in a couple of days should nobody guess it.

Usual rules: 3 tries per person. Winner gets to propose a gameSketch. x5 multiplier for first timers. Newcomers: you may ask for 3 freebies even if you didn’t yet guess anything. Outstanding credits: Jaco x78, Pori x2, player347, Tarpo x5, player347 x3, Diana x6, Radu x38, VideoGamesAsArt x2 , thegazer x2, rsocu x5, Teofil S, Firefish x19. Awaiting scenes from you guys.