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The Demoscene, as it currently stands

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Remember those whacky demo groups back in the late 80s-early 90s? If not, they basically wrote art pieces for the computing systems they had at hand (Amiga, Mac, Win95 etc.).
Write art? That’s a weird choice of words! But yes, they basically code as efficiently as they can, to create audio-visual demos in the tiniest space possible.

I’ll leave it up to you to read more about it, but yours truly is mainly interested in the 64k category. That is, the entries have to be within 64 kiB. This includes the video engine, the audio engine, the audio score, shaders, everything.

So, summing up, the above video is a direct capture of what a 64 kiB binary does. No hidden libraries (well, except for standard ones that are on your machine already). To put it in a neat perspective, that latest Mortal Kombat game comes at a whopping 60 GiB, and it’s basically a 2D game with mostly non-pre-rendered cutscenes.

More entries here.


Not necessarily gaming-related, but certainly artsy!

Song of Da Day: Dragon Roost Island

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It is time for a new song of the day, isn’t it ? It took me some time to choose one specific track to post, but anyway… here we go !


Today, I want to share a sweet theme that always moves me. It’s an orchestral version of The Wind Waker’s Dragon Roost Island. Although I love the original just as much, I chose this rearrangement for its uplifting contrast and acoustic warmth. It may lack some castanets, but features such a strong final drop with lyrical strings, deep brasses and wild percussion… I could listen to it all day long! I hope to find some time to build an analysis of it soon.



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