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MTG Deck Builder Opening & Building First Deck

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Don’t know about others but for me opening the boosters to find out what you got and building the deck is sometimes even more fun than playing the game. That’s because building a good deck and then balancing it requires a lot of thought and intuition about probabilities and/or testing. It’s nice to have the power of chance under your control :D

Magic The Gathering 2014 – deck building & PS3 & Android versions – impressions

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Well, I’ve been playing MTG 2014 for a few months now and I can give some deeper impressions. Had a lot of fun on both the digital side (initially PS3 but thand had to buy it again for the tablet) and especially on the physical cards. There I bought the 2014 builder deck which I can warmly recommend as great value for the money:

mtg2014deck builder


                • 125 semi-randomized cards suitable for building several different Magic decks
                • Four 15-card booster packs from a variety of recent Magic: The Gathering sets
                • 100 basic land cards to help you cast your spells
                • Deck builder’s guide with tips about building the best Magic decks
                • Magic “learn to play” guide
                • Full-art reusable card storage box




Also tried out a bunch of other boosters. Overall I would say it’s really cool, though I can’t say I was shocked by any great differences from the 2013 edition cards and box. I mean some cards were updated, a few new ones (though I didn’t loooooooooooooooooove the artwork, though it was okay). Overall no big mixes in the classic recipe, which might be a bit of a downer for older players but a great news for the newer ones as it remains the same fantastic magic.

On the digital versions, the games, the news are mixed: on the one side they did some great stuff and finally added a bit of deck building component to it, on the other side the campaign using that is veeeeeeeeeery short so not that much room to experiment with and they still haven’t implemented an open world rpg element. It’s probably enough to learn the ropes, and I did finish it a couple of times on PS3 & tablet (which felt good) on the different modes. Overall for anybody who hasn’t yet tried out magic I warmly recommend it.

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