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Alan Wake on Humble Bundle

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Hey, check it out! What a great deal!

PS: this guy is tooooooootallly a Max Payne sunt double!

Darksiders track – Scott Morton

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Well, you know how I was just telling you about the fantastic Thq Humble Bundle available now and the cool soundtracks that come as a bonus? Well… I’m so happy I just got this cd :D Quite moving, don’t you think?

THQ Humble Bundle

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I must be honest lately I’ve been ignoring the humble bundles: they used to be full of indie games I can’t say I cared much for. Yes, I know it’s politically incorrect to say you don’t like indie games, but while I do respect some gems like World of Goo or Plants VS Zombies, most of them don’t have fun enough gameplay to compensate for the lack of artwork per unit of time. Still, I respect and admire the humble bundle team a lot because 1) they create a new level of free market, hooking up the public with the producers and a new type of price discovery 2) like Gog they’re doing their part to fight against the recent onslaught of corporate DRM type restrictions (here’s looking at you MS with your annoying windows live account forced into some games)… but this pack… this pack is different!

Big budget gem packed! I can personally testify Darksiders is full of fantastic artwork, comes with a comic book, Metro 2033 is a whole level of russian literature away from most games, and I’ve been hoping to get a taste of Red Faction destructibility again for years now. Company of Heroes I don’t know personally, but I’ve heard good things from strategy lovers. As a bonus you get a ton of soundtracks (now writing while listening to them):

– 2 big (multi cd?) albums of orchestral music from Company of Heroes,  from big name composers, including the famous Jeremy Soule which you may know from other big games

– more modern alien planet music by Brian Reitzell, via Red Faction: Armageddon

– and another 2 cd’s worth of Darksiders energetic and even emotional grand orchestra music composed by Cris Velasco, Mike Reagan & Scott Morton

So, didn’t plan to post now, but had to let you guys know of this opportunity. Go out there and pay that perfect for you mix of what you can and what you think these guys deserve for what they offered! It’s such a wonderful world to get such generous and fair people out there… and I must admit I might be saying this as I’m moved by the soft and emotional sounds of the last track on the Darksiders second disc: End Credits composed by Scott Morton.

The Humble Indie Bundle #2

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Wow! this is mindblowing! And u set the price, no DRM, no limits and works not ‘just’ on Win AND Mac… but even Linux (which btw i see are on average twice as generous as Windows users… maybe there’s hope for Linux gaming YET!). Braid seems great from what i’ve seen, Osmos is fantastic and we even have a brilliant article on Machinarium … so it’s actually very cool games

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