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GTA 5 references & easter eggs

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I really love the one about the book written by the son of the hero of Red Dead Redemption. Sparks my imagination in interesting ways to think that his son did write that book… what a different life than his father.

Dissection of a GTA V frame

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Fascinating for the technically curious of the magic behind the curtain.

GTA 5 PS4 Beauty

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People often assume it’s the technology, but again this proves the art direction and knowledge is what makes beautiful.

GTA 5 – quick impressions

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Well, the game is over… took us like 6 months (on and off after the initial excitement passed, to be honest) but we finished it :D Some brief thoughts:


+++ the scenery and environments are fantastic, superb colors, interplay of light and shadows

++ the world feels beautifully alive, a living world on a disk really, what more magic could one want?

– the interior scenes are not that great, but they make up with the motion capture

++ the story is quite interesting and surprising

– the soundtrack seemed to me not the best, IMHO not as memorable of the period as for example San Andreas, Vice city or even Gta 4. It had some nice stuff… but to be honest i was expecting a bit more.

+++ very memorable characters. Trevor was a particular surprise… even though at times they did go overboard with the character

– didn’t feel so immersive because of the forced changed of characters and limited customization/definition options. To me that felt like a loss: they made the perfect their story, but missed out on the stories the players would have made

– very little user made character growth lead to the same kind of possible frustrations of a GTA game like repeating mission sections, though thankfully these were brief due to helpful autosaving so you only have to repeat smaller sections

++ superb motion capture, stories, events, the dialogues are just fascinating, from the main characters to the pedestrians and random encounters

++ overall quite a beautiful game, a beautiful world

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