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I really loved the map where you’re on the back of a giant flying bird… as in the whole fabulous island moving through space only to land later :D Oh how I wanted to spend all my money on this one … yet I never got even good, let alone finish it… though I would stay as long as I could watching others do it :D

Usual rules: 3 tries per person, 2x multipliers for first timers. Winner gets to propose a theme/scene as well as 1 day extraordinary forum bragging rights. Outstanding orders: Tarpo x3, Jaco x22, player347 x3, Diana x5, Radu x38, VideoGamesAsArt x2 , thegazer x2, rsocu x3, Teofil S, Firefish x8. Awaiting scenes from you guys. Newcomers may ask for a freebie.

Warning: in the interest of evening the field a little/making it less intimidating, if you have a ton of points and haven’t sent a suggestion in weeks don’t be surprised if you find yourself bleeding away points.

In case u missed yesterday’s answer & comments, all past ones are archived to: