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Aladdin on GoG

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AAaa, the old Aladdin game, still a gem. Now on Good Old Games:
Played it a bit with my wife alternating on dying (great fun) and we got to level 3 or so on the 2nd try. Exciting. Still great artwork in there. The only problem is the screen tearing, could use some v-sync, there must be a way to enable that in dosbox, or maybe it’s from the rendering somehow? Anyway, warmly recommending it. I still remember many years ago when I took my old 386 to the village and via win 3.11 virtual memory got it running despite 4mb ram requirements when i only had 2. Finished it I think 3 times in the village :P

Fallout 2, Fallout & Fallout Tactics for free on GoG!!!

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OMG, this is unbelievable, quick quick, go rush and get it before they change their minds! Fallout 2 is in my opinion possibly the best game of all time (if one normalizes for the progress in technology). Offer expires in like 30h. For those who haven’t tried Good Old Games before as a delivery platform I warmly recommend it. It’s even cooler than Steam because for the games you own they allow you to actually download the games and play them offline.

Duke Nukem 3D – Atomic Edition – Free/Gift

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A great time to join the Good Old Games as it’s free for the next 48 hours :P Just make an account and get it, or if you don’t wanna, just tell me and I’ll gift it to ya. These guys are really cool in terms of NO annoying DRM stuff, you just login, download it how many times you want, whenever you want.

As for this game, well, it’s got all the episodes of the original plus a 4th bonus one… or in GoG’s words:

What’s cool about it:
The most legendary first person perspective shooter featuring Duke Nukem, one of the most iconic characters of all time
Memorable, cheesy and just plain awesome one-liners
A wide variety of weapons, including the Shrink Ray and Duke’s Mighty Foot

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