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I’m just 9 years after everybody else… but yeaayy, I finished it also! :D Played it on and off in the past year. Here’s my quick thoughts:

+ I can see why for it’s time it might’ve been technologically and in terms of gameplay quite innovative

-, + The world i find a mixed bag. It looks like there’s some visual and backstory interest, but then it’s very very skin deep and it never materializes

-, – very “box-design”, cubes and cubic stuff in all directions, all convenient for cover taking but with little thought to being visually pleasing or making sense

+ the music is at times interesting, with some orchestral elements. They didn’t quite impress but at least they tried.

-, -, – to me a very boring and annoying “go soldier, go” barking orders atmosphere and story. Nothing epic and definitely group oriented as opposed to epic hero.

+, + it’s great that the game offers splitscreen co-op and supports it so well. Also what helped me get unstuck at the end. I can imagine a lot of people in the world had fun playing it with friends

-, – i disliked the bulky soldiers and the 3rd person camera, something which combined to have an annoying “why is he blocking my screen” feeling, this was particularly bad and made even worse by the horrible sprinting mode, which has a very sickness inducing shaking on top of all that.

-, -, – very little/shallow world building/world backstory, it feels like it’s there just the bare minimum for the soldiers to keep shooting at stuff

+, -, – Mostly it felt okay in the “boss” department (I hate bosses), with doable stuff. The end boss was particularly frustrating though, and I remember a few other places where I got a bit stuck not being clear how to advance as enemies were “spawning” by digging themselves up from underground.

Overall I’d give this game a 1 on a -5 to 5 scale. Good enough to finish it, possibly it would’ve gotten a bit less today but I can imagine in 2006 it might’ve been pretty cool and path opening, and even today it does decently. I wouldn’t recommend it, but I had to play it for all it is to gaming history.