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Debatable Endings

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I like a bunch of those endings/games especially because not in spite of the fact that they’re open to interpretation. Not only is this a form of audience involvement but more importantly I think this is unavoidable whenever you treat deeper themes and can even be a sign of things that can’t be concluded super cleanly.

OC ReMix: Final Fantasy II ‘A Kingdom Fallen’

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What epicness, Nobuo Uematsu music remixed in chiptunes style, and with the epicness of a Dream Theater like symphony. Just awesome incorporated.

Final Fantasy Meets Metal

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Aaa, what a musical atmosphere FF12 had! Brings back great memories with my ps2. I would come back from work and play a few hours every day. Cool times!

Song of Da Day: The Rocking Grounds – Final Fantasy 3

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It’s really amazing to me how much these guys remind me of my old fave band Dream Theater.

The Black Mages

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You know I was thinking of doing a Nobuo Uematsu (of Final Fantasy fame) article similar to the one I did on Koh Ohtani but never got around to it and it ended up on the backburner. But now he’s in the headlines again because I’ve recently discovered a few years ago he decided to form a ‘little’ band called The Black Mages which has me flying with excitement.
(backstory) I used to listen to a LOOOT of Dream Theater but in recent years their work hasn’t moved me so much (maybe too many vocals/rock stuff instead of instrumentals?) so there’s a instrumental focused progressive metal shaped hole in my heart, one very hard to fill (maybe the style has gone out of style?). Will the Black Mages do it? Time will tell… but I’m certanly very excited by the discovery!!!
A more energetic song:


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