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From Dust Tech Demo

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Haven’t really played much of the game but the landcape modification idea is very interesting technically and otherwise, plus my artistic hero Bruno Gentile has worked on it so i just MUST post it :D

PS: just found out as I was posting this that Eric Chahi, the brilliant mind behind the amazing Another World is behind this game!

Another World… truly!!!

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       “Out of this World” aka “Another world” is a game that totally blew me away. You may think the likes of “what can a game 1991 bring?” and/or “surely it is just yet another case of nostalgia”… you may be right, but I believe differently. Sure, it was magical how a friend’s dad brought it from far away on a magical floppy, and how with my friend I was attending this programming course just to be able to play and we installed it there when the teacher was away… but it’s not just that. It’s not even the fact that to this day and even after years of digging into assembly programming and the tiny programs of the demo scene I am still wondering how the author was able to squeeze minutes of cinematics in with a whole game on a single floppy. It’s the fact that the game had all the great content that a game needs to have to impress me to this day:
  • a brand new completelly original universe that stimulates the imagination and in which you can read into every detail and it opens itself more to you – checked!
  • a complex story line, magically told in amazing design without even a word! And it’s even well justified: why would the aliens want to talk to you when you’re clearly just a slave to them, and your friend is an alien himself, one with which you slowly develop a bond despite the differences in language and background. – checked!
  • story driven gameplay that is as varied as it it ingenious – checked!
  • music with feeling (as little as those times allowed) – checked!
  • interesting artwork – checked!
  • branching options – checked! (granted, it’s not the story that branches but simply being less linear, even allowing you to mess up everything making it impossible to move on, but in a way that seemed okay and you had your savecodes)
  • great cinematics – checked!
  • varied and interesting ways to fail – checked! (I honestly wanted to ‘die’ each time I entered a new area just to see the great cinematics. Things like a closeup of your leg as a worm crawling on the floor produces a little sting and poisons you paralizingly, a man eating plant, the way the alien black feline tears you apart with it’s claws, … )
       I will admit though:


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