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Dying Light [music video]

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I’ve played so many great games in the past few years, yet this one still remains probably my fave in the past 3-5 years. Totally took me by surprise with the environments and freedom of exploration + the environmental storytelling.

Artsygamer top 5 games of 2016

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A little late, but thought I’d post my top 5 games of 2016. It was a tough fight but the winners to me are:

1) Dying Light: The Following

2) Dishonored 2

3) Far Cry Primal

4) Dark Souls 3

5) Witcher 3 tied with Hitman

Obviously the choices are subjective though as to my reasons their respective reviews/impressions hopefully explain at least partly my choices. As an honourable mention I’d put in Layers of Fear, a game on a much lower budget but that still managed to impress.

Please leave your top 5 in the comments and I’ll edit-it in here in the post. (games of 2016 as in when you played them, even if they’re older)

————————— Firefish

1) Dark Souls 3
2) Dishonored 2 tie with Dying Light: The Following
3) Far Cry Primal
4) Uncharted 4
5) Hitman

————————— Jaco

1) Uncharted 4
2) Dark Souls 3
3) The Witcher 3
4) Ori and the blind forest
5) Inside

————————— P3tty

1) ARK Survival Evolved
2) Broforce
3) Firewatch
4) Sniper Elite V2
5) Dishonored

————————— Michi

1) Sherlock Holmes – The Devil’s Daughter
2) Uncharted 4
3) Shadows of Mordor
4) Dishonored
5) Tales of Monkey Island

————————— 47crows

1) Halo 2 for PC
2) Life is Strange
3) Hitman – Blood Money
4) Terraria
5) Brutal DOOM

————————— Bossti

2) The Last Guardian
3) Mafia 3
4) Overwatch
5) Inside

————————— Player347

1) Teeworlds – timeless online 2D shooter, highly addictive
2) The Last Guardian
3) Waking Mars
4) FOTONICA – 1 button game, loads of fun
5) Shelter 2 – open world animal survival, mother lynx hunts and feeds baby lynxes

Dying Light: The following – quick impressions

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This review has been slow in coming not because the game is bad, but because the game is faaaantastic. So much so that after finishing it I felt i wasn’t done with it. And then played portions of it again, and then again some more. And i’ll probably go back to this world because it’s so good. In fact it’s my choice for game of the year 2016 among heavy competition, so looking at it back now there’s now way I’ll do it justice but here’s some random memories:

+, +, +, +, +, + aaaamazing environmental storytelling through props and locations. Finding a set of otherwise ordinary items in a remote location that was totally optional but everything arranged in a way that told a story, that gave me the feeling that somebody had thought about what happened there, about the story of the place before you arrive there… just blew me away so many times. A mattress and a laptop and some headphones in some locked up place suggesting how the poor person was stuck there in the last moments without electricity and tried to get some comfrot from the music, many many such locations made the whole world alive, everything working together to tell a bigger story, a story not of people but of a world. I was very impressed

+, +, -,  + amazingly big world. I was expecting not to like it as much as the original because i hate it when first person games introduce cars and I was sceptical that they could still make a dense enough world on such a scale yet it surprised me. Sure, I missed a bit all the tight environments that didn’t need a car from the original, but still it was pretty interesting and at each place I arrived to I got the feeling of all the glory of the original

+, + still great soundtrack. Just discovered it’s on amazon prime too, yeaayy!

+, + interesting characters and stories with variety

+, + lots of interesting things to do, interesting character progression

+, +, + a lot of fantastic optional stuff

+, +, +, +, + some really amazing visuals, be it beautiful high cliffs in the sun or wet caves with underwater entrances, many many times my jaw just dropped

+ interesting original user content coupled in

Overall I found the game fantastic, played it multiple times and I’m sure I’ll get back into the world in years to come, bought the game again just for that. Definitely my game of the year 2016, and that despite strong contenders and the fact that it launched in january-february, a period where most games are afraid to launch as nobody remembers them for the nominations of november/december… but yes, I think this is a huge gem of a game. Every time I see a game of they year list where it isn’t at least nominated I’m saddened for all the people who didn’t experience this fantastic gem. Warmly warmly recommending it. I’d give it 4,2 on a -5 to 5 scale, making it fantastic.

The Memorable Great Bridge

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This bridge is one of the places that sticks in my memory among the strongest in the wonderful world of Dying Light. It’s a testimony to Techland’s amazing masterpiece that it isn’t even part of the main questline but encountered in a few (awesome) secondary stories, should you find them, and should you feel like doing them, or simply like going there because it looked interesting. I love the feeling of discovery to find something so big and interesting inviting but not forcing you to explore (and in multiple stages of “secret”)… how amazing!

I can only hope that the new Assassin’s Creed will learn from this and make the leap into first person on this level of quality, and whenever I think of the Mirror’s Edge games, which i should’ve so loved (first person, exploring worlds!!!) I think what a shame they haven’t managed to create worlds nearly as beautiful or intricate or alive or open or inviting to explore as this. And since I’m already making “enemies” of fans of other games, I should also mention that the much praised new Doom game which is so praised for secrets and exploration has not just a much worse environment navigation system with many surfaces that seem climbable being invisible walls and the world not being nearly as interesting (although it should, being an original world as opposed to boring old contemporary reality!) but also having to lamely point out “you found a secret” and give counters and numbers to motivate, while Dying Light invites exploration with aristocratic elegance, with visual cues, with stories, with curiosity, and having whole huge amazing areas as “secrets” yet not feeling the need to brag about it.

So much respect for Techland!

Dying Light: The Following

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Still playing it, but much much better game than i thought so far! It shockingly manages to be as good as the original while cutting in very tricky uncharted territory with the buggie.

To me the originalwas the best game of 2016, but now after playing some more (restarted, seems it doesn’t recognize old saves as same game) and parts of the expansion , maaan i gotta say i’d extend my judgement as best game of last 2 maybe 3 years. I just can’t stop with the praises. I mean it has to me the amazing environments and attention to environmental design of AC Rogue, the “you have to use your observation to figure out logical environment secrets” of Dishonored, open worldness of Gta 5, with just as good characters, the many quests of Oblivion, the eploration of Dark souls 1, the firstpersonanes of Halflife 2 (especially with the buggy vehicle stuf, which i normally hate in games but here i find it okay), and … well, i mean amaaazing stuff!! loooving it!


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