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+, +, +  at times the environments are quite fantastic. Not all levels though, some or rather dry and uninteresting, but maaan, when it shines it really shines. Breaking apart bits of interesting architecture in an empty space rearangement in abstract yet meaningful ways was the part that most impressed me, but there were also very interesting other locations and contracts, including to my surprise rather late in the game a uniquely used graphical chalk look environments for planning storytelling

– waves after waves of similar enemies

+ however this is slightly counterbalanced by the quite through/reflex thinking provoking series of key combos, even to some extent customizable. On a physical reflexive plane it at times feels quite satisfying

+, + very interesting story told in quite bold cutscenes with nice cinematic work.

-,+ punishingly tough at times even on the easiest level, though once you accept that I must admit there’s a certain elegance in the way it pushes you to play inteligently even with fast reflexes

+ pushes the cinematography for a game medium to surprising places

– annoying music with the angry voices, I mean at times it is atmospherically aggressive rock, but mostly it would have IMO been much better with just instrumentals

+ interesting cast of characters

+,- the colors of the game had good and bad moments, sometimes the stylization felt good, while at other times the over saturation filter on everything made things burn out in not so good looking ways.

+ great idea with the switching between the real and the limbo dimension, and correlations between them, how the humans perceive an event and how the demons do

Overall: 3.5 (on a -5 to 5) scale. Though not the kind of game I admire the world, being neither choice oriented or open world exploration oriented the game really shines with it’s original environments and quite interesting story. It has some quite moving dramatic moments as well as an interesting perpetual tensions between dimensions, main characters… Warmly recommending it despite the occasional finger pains from button mashing :D

PS: [Vergil’s Downfall] my recommendation refers only to the main game, the Vergil’s Downfall DLC I started with great excitement because the first location was cool and new, but then it got diluted and artificially prolonged artificially with too many filler waves of battles and the story was nowhere near as good as the main game, neither in the artwork, or in the narrative.