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Island Overview

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What a beautiful aaaamazing magical island! I reaaaly hope Techland will one day turn their magical hands to making fictional/dark fantasy/original worlds. If this is the level of beauty, believability and human emotion they can bring to a contemporary world setting my brain explodes and imagination is watering at what they’d do within their own original worlds!

Dead Island 2 Runner Trailer

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Can’t wait for this game. I’m sorry though I think I heard the voice of that actor who generally makes silly movies. It would be a shame if they took that direction with this game as part of the value to Dead Island was that it had a serious approach to things, and I was hoping it would evolve and mature by making it even more so.

Dead Island Riptide Trailer

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A bit more depressive but still nice melancholic trailer in the vein of the original Dead Island trailer.

Dead Island – Impressions

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I almost totally missed this game. After the great melancholic trailer gave me great hopes I saw some gameplay footage and assumed it’s a grinding hack and slashy MMO and almost ignored it. Still, I played for like an hour or two, and I was surprised to be advancing in the island, and just as I was about to drop it the next day I played a bit more… and woow, was I in for a surprise. Big WARNING: the character choices at the start matter, and be very veeeeeeery careful not to start the game with Colonel Ryder! It’s a WHOLE DIFFERENT game. I think I accidentally initially chose him just as I thought it might be a better gun character, but this puts you totally out of the mood, and in a very veeeeery hard campaign, which I think formed my first impression and almost made me give up the game. After you finish the main game though playing that can actually be interesting and it tells a lot of interesting stuff about the story (great surprises from the other angle).

+ great surprise

+ first person

+ manages to go a bit in the direction of the Walking Dead series/comics

+ RPG elements (though item upgrades are  occasionally a bit too much of a chore because of too many levels)

+ the secondary quests are actually often more fun than the main story line, because of the variety of locations and originality of the level design

+ very interesting story (to my surprise). Not just talking about the main story, but the story bits in recordings are very moving and well thought out

+ great island locations, some beautiful spots

+ very varied characters

+ the

– no way to lower screaming sounds, which is not good for the neighbours

– the game could have used more pause moments between the action ones

–  the Ryder campaign can be quite a turnoff if you unluckily start with it

+ it can however also be cool if you take it more seriously survival style. I just wish there was more sneaking or peaceful solutions

– not too much flexibility (sneaking, stealth, silent kills) if you want more quiet time

+, – the network part is quite tricky: not realizing i started out in “internet coop” instead of singleplayer, which provided for some very cool moments when somebody real came into my game but also stress as somebody would skip over my story cutscenes or who’s microphone would interrupt my immersion (plus felt bad about kicking somebody out). I would have gladly disabled it but apparently you can only do that if you start again

+ great trailer and interesting start cinematic

+ fantastic environment concept art in the loading screens

+ very interesting characters can be glimpsed at in the side quests

– unfortunately no real dialogue with them or other such choices

-,+  there’s also persistent “bring x food items” quests, which though it makes some sense are immersion breaking without more dialogue to reward you

+ + my favorite moments were side quests where the game didn’t help you out, you had to figure yourself an entry through the roof light of a building, or where to turn off some switches, I wish there was more of that. In an open world with choices (not part of main story) no hand holding parts feel really great!

-, + There’s a lot of zombie killing, a bit too much maybe, though it could make sense to train you to stop killing everybody and instead just run more. I just wish there were more ways to avoid fights. One way to make the fights more bearable for me was with a machete/katana which wasn’t as noisy and was more headsoff slicing fast, thus minimizing annoying fight time (along with running a lot by them). A big tip to anybody playing the game: try to fight as few zombies as you can, try to run past them, kill mostly blockers and/or from safe positions/cars/only when you want to, otherwise it can become too much

Overall: +2.5 to +3.5. The best zombie tale told in a game so far. It was  all I had imagined Resident Evil 5 to be and much more, first person and all. Great story element, great multiple points of view. If the developers had had a bigger budget to implement more dialogues and choices (plus stealth) it could have become my favorite game of the year. As such it was still the best game in the last couple of months for me.


Dead Island – Environment Concept Art

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I have not words enough how impressed I am by these concept arts!!!

PS: and the whole game just took me by storm. I was about to discard it as grinding mmo but it proves to be very very interesting, with stories, exploration, first person interesting world. Especially interesting if you’ve seen series like “The walking dead”, on which IMHO it even improves occasinally (though it could do even more with storytelling of situations).

gameSketch 273

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A great trailer, a tropical island, and the undead… can you go wrong? I’ll tell you after I play the game… though i suspect there might be a bit too much killing :P

Usual rules: 3 tries per person, 2x multipliers for first timers. Winner gets to propose a theme/scene as well as 1 day extraordinary forum bragging rights. Outstanding orders: player347, Tarpo x5, Jaco x60, player347 x3, Diana x5, Radu x38, VideoGamesAsArt x2 , thegazer x2, rsocu x4, Teofil S, Firefish x15. Awaiting scenes from you guys. Newcomers may ask for a freebie.

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