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Feng Zhu: Doom HD Reimagined

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Not my favorite to be honest, but definitely game themed so I thought I’d post it :P

I too have some great memories from Doom 2.

Dead Island – Environment Concept Art

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I have not words enough how impressed I am by these concept arts!!!

PS: and the whole game just took me by storm. I was about to discard it as grinding mmo but it proves to be very very interesting, with stories, exploration, first person interesting world. Especially interesting if you’ve seen series like “The walking dead”, on which IMHO it even improves occasinally (though it could do even more with storytelling of situations).

Feng Zhu: MMORPG Landscapes

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For a while I was wondering about weather or not to post this kind of stuff here. Feng Zhu is one of my favorite game concept artists, and while I do follow his tutorials whenever I get to see one, not all are as tightly game related as this one, still, this one is, and thought I’d use that excuse to post it, in case anybody is curious to see something behind the curtains of how games are made, one of many steps of work before the masterpieces that we enjoy come presented to us in their full interactive glory to explore :D

FOV in games

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For those into how things work, optics, photography or game development… and even insight about a reason why some games might make you dizzy. This is from Feng Zhu School of Design, most of their tutorials are concept art related but this was something i thought more people might be interested in.


Feng Zhu Design

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I think i’m adding a 3rd hero to my list of Ryan Church and Bruno Gentile! Suddenly the stuff i was reading about the economics of Singapore makes a lot more sense to me :D

Bruno Gentile liiiiiiiiiiveesss!!!!!!!!

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I have two great heroes these days: Ryan Church & Bruno Gentile… whom i hadn’t heard of in a while… still, i regularly check by his site, if nothing else to tell people about him… and today… kaboom: new pic… update… and furthermore I find out he was involved not only in the latest Prince of Persia too (i can really feel his influence on Two Thrones), but also in… wait for it… Farcry 2 … SO THAT’S why a genre that normally might not very much interest me in subject matter a lot of people have been prasing as beautiful looking! (okay, okay, i realize there are many other reason… but … this guy’s my hero…).

PS: an older Artsygamer article about him can be found here.

Bruno Gentile – Hydropix

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One of my favorite modern painters… make that all time painters… is Bruno Gentile, aka Hydropix. I love his sense of perspective and chosen themes. Born in Paris in 1975, he’s been working in the games industry for more than 11 years (i do suspect his website is a bit outdated), “mainly doing 3D works, (environments in “Alone in the Dark IV” and much more )”. I wish I had a comprehensive wikipedia article on him, but since I don’t I’ll have to rely on the the little info he put on his website:

“I’m currently a concept artist and illustrator at Ubisoft Montreal, in Canada, where we’ve been developing “Prince of Persia – Warrior within”, “Prince of Persia – The Two Thrones”, “King-Kong” and more projects.”

Getting back to the things I can say: his painting skills are amazing, and his paintings have great moods. He uses darks for framing quite a bit but they fit in well with the very dramatic subjects he depicts. I strongly believe that it’s in no small part due to his vision that I loved the art direction in Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones so much. I can only admire them for adopting in the game a perspective very similar to his paintings, which though oftentimes has lead me to missjudge distances makes the whole game feel like… like (cheesy alert) a moving painting in parts (omg… the words i’ve used!!! Who would have thought i had it in me? Not me…). I got to see two videos of him at work and was also very impressed by his use of images: from what i’ve seen he’s developed this magical technique where he slaps on seemingly unrelated images to what he’s painting which give it a lot more texture and variety.

See the master at work:



which, even though was made for Prince of Persia, also leads my thoughts to the great artwork that is the great huge tower in Devil May Cry 3… and that is a cool thing.

Which ones are your favorites? Why?

PS: I wrote a later article about him here.

PS2: (update 2016) his old website seems to be dead but he’s got a gallery here:

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