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I was pleasantly surprised both at the amount and the quality of the bonus videos on the Until Dawn disk. I wasn’t expecting much but a bunch of them were rather interesting. This one (above) shows a bit of what I had indeed noticed in the game which is cool attention to lighting, particularly some fantastic use of rim lighting. There’s for example this moment with the chandelier which is a true lesson of how you can have a mysterious character front and center full screen and still keep it mysterious and graphical with mostly dark/shadow and shape/detail only shown via edge lighting.


This video shows not only one of the reasons why I think the game turned out great,a scientific and mass-testing based (as opposed to opinions which can sometimes be persuasively wrong), but, at least as importantly is incredibly entertaining to watch showing many types of people and many types of reactions. Anyway, it’s this kind of work and testing for quality entertainment (and aiming for a mass market!) that I think sets the game apart and makes it in my eyes worth deserving of great commercial success, even if it’s not totally my genre (the *teen* horror), I can’t help but admire it and wish it all the best.