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Homefront: The Revolution has 3 story DLC campaigns: The Voice of Freedom, Aftermath, and Beyond the Wall. Finished them yesterday, here’s my quick thoughts:

+, +, + each story is distinct and unique, in mood, location and atmosphere

+, + it multiple times gave me a Half Life 1/2 & Half life 2 episode 1 & 2 vibe in the quality of it’s linear storytelling, too bad most people will never experience it (my completion achievements suggested to me about 0.5% of people played this and that’s I presume of the already small number of those who played the game) which is a shame for all those still waiting for that kind of experience. Good story & interesting setting.

-, -, + the story is very high pressure, which made it for me a bit annoying that i always had to move forward, with lives depending on that, I would’ve liked more down time to just enjoy the settings but instead i kept being pushed forward. Some might enjoy this though as it does have a filmic quality. Realistic but prevents some enjoyment. At times you have little times for planning and even the crafting and sneaking which are quite necessary to survival and a core part of the game

+, – the content is in some ways even of higher quality than the main game, with variety, great scripted events and storytelling, as well as the same if not even higher environmental detail attention. The minus is that it’s still smaller lacking big areas to just “live in” longer

+ well choreographed moments

+, + good use of lighting, both in locations as well as even in setup cinematics, which are excellently made

– there’s moments where in the interest of story they restrict you from picking up enemy weapons and stick you with a pistol or something and it feels a bit contrived

-, -, – the ending of the Aftermath DLC consumed for me a lot of the good will because it had a “boss fight” type situation with waves of enemies and stuff which resulted in frustration, failure and repetition

+, +, –  they complement and mix into the main story (thought to be honest i wasn’t super clear as to where/when, but maybe that’s because it took me so long to finish the main game?)

+, + the ending to Beyond the Wall was surprisingly moving and again very well done

+, +, + I really enjoyed in the DLC the variety of locations, even having things missing from the main game such as non urban more nature/periphery natural beauty which took me by surprise

+ some interesting mini locations that were so interesting I could imagine them into whole games, one for example was for me very “Metro” type mood, which was surprising on top of the many other moods.

Overall I found this season pass/DLC quite amazing, i think it managed to even surpass the main game while being amazing single player content. It stained that with a to me frustrating end fight in one of the DLC but i have to remember all the moments of awe and wonder and the general high quality not to mention the beautiful diversity and the many “tunnel of fun” well directed settings and stories. I wanted to give this one a 3.5 and at times even 4 but then the little frustrations and that annoying difficulty spiking prolonging the experience artificially makes me in the end only go for a 2.5, making it yet again a game of extremes, extreme awesomeness as well as not so great. Hope you enjoy my thoughts on it. If you can I’d recommend giving this a try, it’s quite a special experience and quite an underrated gem that most people unfortunately will never know about.