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For all us salsa loving people who through some funny act of fate also happened to enjoy at least a Metal Gear Solid :)) This song totally surprised me and cracked me up due to that irony. I never expected to hear a mix of the MGS song with it’s universe themes of war, patriotism, sacrifice and such serious stuff with the light and happy sounds of salsa dancing music.

Also I wanted to take this occasion to point anybody who doesn’t yet know of the OCREMIX movement to have a look, they do some fantastic remixes of game themes in all sorts of styles and often with more than original twists. Check them out at for a huge library of amazing music. You might be surprised to find your old favorite game remixed in a way that even better than the original, or at least very surprising, like this one.

Song of Da Day: MGS Salsa style :D, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating