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To be honest unlike other games I never particularly noticed the Dishonored music, but that might also be a testimony to it’s integration into the world, not of it’s weakness, because after a long time I found myself this weekend just wanting to try out the universe again for a few minutes, and (to my surprise) found myself replaying the game and having a LOT of fun and it feeling different and new due to not just my forgetful memory but the choices and the beautiful artwork to study with new more experienced eyes.

PS:the violin (cello? ) around 0:30 seems to me to have the same musical theme as one of my favorites in Fallout New Vegas, or at the very least so very fitting to the desolate post apocalyptic world there. If I should find the song I’ll post it or if anybody knows it please do!


Song of Da Day: Dishonored - Wrenhaven River , 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings