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Rating: 5.0/5 (2 votes cast)

+, +, + although the story overall is linear there are shockingly big open areas in the game, with many mysteries and corners to explore… and not the kind of copy-paste world either, distant remote corners seem to have gotten a lot of environmental love and attention to details, and totally optional secondary quests are shockingly interesting and well done

+, + amazingly well thought out story

-, + starts up a bit slow but keeps building up

+, + deep and interesting themes explored in both symbolism and the text passages found through the game, themes like the nature of prisons in modern and older societies

+ surprisingly long

+, +, + very interesting and memorable characters

+,-¬† a varied soundtrack, though it’s not used to it’s maximum potential IMHO as there’s some songs which you only hear small parts of that would have been nice

+, + well done environments

+ at easiest difficulty (like we often play games) quite enjoyable, with not very hard fights and a lot of time to just look around

+ surprisingly many breather moments, unlike many insecure games sometimes the game not only didn’t constantly throw waves of enemies but at some moments the enemies even ran away

+, + having finished it I still have the feeling of many mysteries I didn’t solve that I’m curious about, and also many interesting questions on the main story¬†-, + a price of the open-sih world sometimes is the possibility of getting lost for a while, but even that’s okayish because of the interesting environments and secrets+ it manages to capture the spirit of a Silent Hill story while at the same time not repeating one and giving an original perspective+, + some amazingly painted moments, such as a mystical setting up of a Hansel & Gretel children’s play

Silent Hill: Downpour - impressions, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings