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Now I wish I could say Quake 2 is an art masterpiece, but to be honest I played it more as a fps experience & a technology breakthrough… i love the immersion that 1st person brings… but there is one BIG thing that made my play a FANTASTIC ride, and that is the amazing music. It blew me away and set my standards for many years to come of what great adrenaline music can be… for years I would ask everybody if they know of anything like this, and though it’s been many years I don’t think I have ever found anything as energetic and yet without the clutter of words (unfortunatelly music like this is usually accompanied by screeming people, which tend to bring more negative feelings while this brings pure “I’m doing something exciting” feeling). Also very cool: because it was audio tracks I could take my Quake 2 cd to friends and listen on their cd players: everybody was blown away.
Btw, if you wanna hear the real sounds to the video (the game intro) it’s here (there too my favorite moments are when the music purrs with the drama of the crash after the excitment of the great attack).

PS: I was still marked more by the Unreal soundtrack, but the story of my reverence for Straylight productions and their mastery of tracking is a story for another post…

Quake 2 - adrenaline music, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating