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 What an amazing job VaatiVidya did again. Spectacular! You know, sometimes I think the souls games were just hacked together as a series of fights and locations, and I ask myself why I like them… I answer because of the locations and i suspect the story was put in as an afterthought… but when I see his amazing work in this field I am amazed, and while not knowing if it’s all just in the eyes and magical mind of the beholder (of which he is a most spectacular one), I do agree that there was there at least one person who was a good writer and put some soul and twisted stories into the fabric. Also his talk about how he made his videos condensed, 5 instead of 30 minutes out of respect for your audience… man, that is such amazing work ethic and i guess why i keep coming back to his interpretations of the lore.

Lost & found in translation [Dark Souls 2], 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings