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He makes some very interesting points. Interesting design choices analysis. Also in terms of the story, including the impressive intro movie. Personally I have some mixed feelings towards DS2. On one hand I really value the variety of locations, and DS2 was a unique memorable experience, but on the other hand I find the atmosphere of DS1 is to much much more admiration worthy, as well as some things in Demon’s Souls. To me personally the big impact that DS2 had was also a lot about it giving me the courage to go back to DS1 & Demon’s Souls. And yet DS2 was something special inĀ  it’s own, and made a unique impression and series of memories… And indeed like he points out to me too Bloodborne felt not so radical in it’s gameplay because in many ways as a weak mage in DS2 I often ended up playing Bloodborne style in a dynamic fast way. But I digress, I I found the design analysis very interesting and he makes some very interesting arguments.