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This might just be the biggest ingame secret I’ve ever discovered. I’m totally impressed. There’s others that surprised and delighted, in different ways, and some even in size, for example I admire a lot the whole Wolfenstein 3d inside Wolfenstein II, however even that didn’t blow me away as much as seeing this. That felt “old tech” and doable… but this, maan, this is relatively new tech, I played it on ps2… and it even has scripted moments. Like WOOOW!!

PS: yeah, i keep playing the game. It’s sometimes “uncomfortable” to play for reasons of atmosphere and others, yet I can’t help but respect and appreciate all the work and world they put in there. It’s such a shame that it seems the game even gets better with time and gives more and more, and yet it’s easy to see how most players will never even get half way through it… and I was almost one of them… and even so far in, after multiple times thinking I was near the end new areas and secrets are revealed and it just keeps on giving. I’ve often wished games would keep better content for the end game… even while recommending they use it at the start before they lose players… this is one of those games that does it… even if it killed the devs?!?

PS2: this is so technically impressive!?! that must’ve required a whole game inside a game… and not a trivial old game either. maaan.