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Well, I’m as surprised as you are… why would I play it again? I just thought i’d play a bit… but then I realized it was super interesting, and I didn’t remember a lot if not most, and I was always like “what’s around the next corner”… and then I got interesting insights into the depths of the story… and then, before I knew it was over.

Like an interesting movie that is just entertaining at every point (okay, so there’s some slightly frustrating puzzles, but also brilliant ahaaa moments) it was (to my surprise) in some ways better than many new games I have.

Seeing this again made me even more skeptical that the new game, with Kratos as father will fit with this character given all the ways in which he advanced through this story (at least up to 80%). I had forgotten just how ruthlessly goal oriented Kratos was all through the story, stopping for no one, gods or titans in his way.

My original impressions upon finishing it are… hmmm, I can’t find them… they must be somewhere on the website… did I not write them? did I not mention the great artwork, the cinematic experience, the rich greek/roman mythology references, the interesting characters, the wonderful world navigation and anticipation world buildup and then release and secret revelations!??!?? Maybe I’ll find it one day lost somewhere… but until then I’d give this game a 3.5 on a -5 to 5 scale. It’s quite extraordinary even if I wouldn’t have thought i’d like a 3rd person non rpg game so much.


PS: a great touch in the story was that it keeps feeling like a 3 way fight, like he’s not just fighting against the gods but in the process betraying his once allies titans also on his personal goals. This introduces a surprising dynamic with multiple opponents from a story perspective and leaves one guessing as to future allies and outcomes.