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Fantastic news folks, skilled artist Jason Clark is joining us and has said this is just the first of many future gameSketches he plans to do. WUUHUUU!!! this is epic mega super very hyper cool!!! So exciting! Can’t wait to see the next ones, happy guessing!

Usual rules: 3 tries per person. Winner gets to propose a gameSketch. x5 multiplier for first timers. Newcomers: you may ask for 3 freebies even if you didn’t yet guess anything. Outstanding credits: Marius, SebastianKErben x16, Firefish x34, Jaco x100, Radu x45, , 47Crows x19, Ange, PettyX90 x7, Pori x2, Tarpo x5, player347 x9, Diana x6, VideoGamesAsArt x2 , thegazer x9, BiaHawks x7, rsocu x5, Teofil S. Awaiting scenes from you guys.