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The wondrous p(a)lace emerging from a nexus of worlds, a way stolen from again and again and again.

Since I suspect this one will be too easy, for the first week the name of the game will not lead to a win but instead the great building in front/location must be named. After that the name of the game will suffice. So, if somebody was to for example name the game but not the location, then if there’s no other answer they’ll win after a week, but should somebody give the precise answer the 2nd person will “steal” the win.

Usual rules: 3 tries per person. Winner gets to propose a gameSketch. x5 multiplier for first timers. Newcomers: you may ask for 3 freebies even if you didn’t yet guess anything. Outstanding credits: PettyX90 x7, 47Crows x7, Haikuhunter x8, Jaco x97, Firefish x28, Void, Pori x2, player347 x7, Tarpo x5, player347 x9, Diana x6, Radu x45, VideoGamesAsArt x2 , thegazer x9, BiaHawks x7, rsocu x5, Teofil S. Awaiting scenes from you guys.