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wow, can’t believe we’ve made it till 347!!!

Well, folks, this is a paartyyyyy edition! Not just because 347 is my favorite number eeeveerzz, but because I’m still amazed that so many years later there’s still a gameSketch. I did the first gameSketch on September 30, 2010!!! Started just as a way to get myself to regularly practice and study the art in games that I admired. Almost gave up on it many times… but one way or another, with some gaps and cheats and delays and everything… here we are in 2017… and there’s still a gameSketch, gameSketch 347! YEAYYY!!! Also special thanks to Adi Bugner for hosting and support all these years!

As a celebration and as a thank you to all the people who have over the years been involved, helped with the website, commented, wrote, guessed or simply lurked encouragingly, here is a special edition, with very special rules. Unlike the usual gameSketches this is a COMMUNITY edition, not with a winner, but with multiple winners and where collaboration and discussion is particularly encouraged, nay, needed. The trick is, this one is ONLY declared completed when somebody, anybody, lists all the correct game names. However, at that point, EVERYBODY who has attempted a guess gets the full 7 gameSketch credits! I will however NOT correct individual guesses with feedback, only guesses presented as groups of the format game1,game2,game3,game4,game5,game6,game7. So even if somebody guesses 6 out of 7 games, I will still answer “NO”, which is why it might be crucial that everybody shares their guesses with the others. Also to make it even tougher, I will give pretty useless hints… just random thoughts. That is however not to stop you from giving “answers” just to discuss among yourselves on the lines of “hey, i think i know the 3rd and the 5th one…”.  Then somebody else can go “yes, the 3rd one is that, but i think i know the 4th one”… until a complete answer is built. STIILL, I gotta say it IS entertaining to make full guesses!!! So please don’t let anything stop you from trying!

Have fun!!!

What a great mythology this game has


Yet another tragic moving story

What times!

My antagonist!

The sun, the green, the blue!

A story of betrayal

The ocean behind, the depths bellow

PS: encouraging the usual lurkers to quickly leave a comment even if you don’t know them all, this puts you among the winners… literally. It’s your great chance before one of the antedeluvians solves them all.