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My fear is that in catering to the wishes of PvP players they will alienate world exploration and storytelling and atmosphere players like me & my friends. I play for the deep world, the mature story, and the feeling of exploration, and i’m afraid such a focus on invasions will destroy the atmosphere of solitude and alienation in a strange world taht souls games have traditionally given, and result in the kind of time wasting that the MMOs create. What i see in this video is very mmo-ish, with a lot of time wasted from my point of view, not advancing or exploring the world, not getting new story, just going back and forth playing multiplayer. The fear of this in review videos is what had me delay trying out Dark Souls 1 for many years, and now i’m having the same fear with DS3. Not that long ago i went back after DS2 & before Bloodborne to Demonsouls, and although it felt it’s difficulty balancing brokend due to the empty servers, at the same time that gave it so much atmosphere. I’m fearing that with every iteration i’ve seen the souls games have gone more and more from a singleplayer game with a bit of ghost messages to increase the “purgatory” feeling, to destiny style obligatory 3 player co-ops and multiplayer grinding, which i find to be a huge shame. My wife has recently gotten the courage to play a whole new DS2 character from the beginning all by herself and there too i see the same thing: whenever she’s exploring the world, and slowly (and paranoically carefully) advancing there’s joy and fulfilment from the game, while the invasions are frustration creators and feel like cheats from tha game just to have you waste more time or to force you to play multiplayer even if you hate it as taht’s the only way to adjust the difficulty curve.

In addition to all the things said above, the reasons for those of us appreaciating story and lore immersion with atmosphere, there’s the health percentage you mentioned. I feel 70% of health is waaaay too much for an invader of an already insecure and afraid player. If it was only on players who want it, sure, but i know people like myself who just want to play through the game, and they’re mostly more on the rookie side, already having needed persuasion to give this punishing game a try on the promise of exploration big world. What i mean to argue is that here is a self-selection problem: the invaded are the meak/shey/world explorers, likely on their first playthrough, while the invaders are likely veteran bloody players, on their 3rd + playthrough, and while the invaded are barely figuring out the controls and the basic weapons the invaders are using game exploit type tricks, having had gathered all the items in the game and mixing fatal combos of different items. So in my opinion 50% would be the maximum the invaders should have since they are actively trying to destroy the game experience of somebody else and i hope the developers will be smart enough to protect their customers from such experience destroyers, just like in general one assumes on social sites and netwroks/forums that spammers and those who insult others will get admin punishment. Don’t get me wrong, i don’t have anything against consenting adults invading eachother, they can have all the multiplayer fun they want… but they have to be for people who want that, the difference between sex & rape is the consent, and i hope From Software will be careful or risk creaing a world more inviting to the rapists and discouraging those who just want to explore an interesting universe and hear some deep and moving stories with interesting characters and well thought out world-background.

Fears for (of?) Dark Souls 3 PVP, 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating