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Very impressive visuals. I’m a little skeptical though. Still I’m very happy to see more technical pushes away from the limitations of polygonal information and into more voxel stuff. I find their move to freely scan monuments a smart one for acquiring cool places. I wonder though how they map everything from a technical perspective. Surely somehow it’s mapped onto polygons… right? I’m particularly curious how they handle cracks and hard to see angles and probably most curious about how they handle the distant trees in a forest. My guess would be they’re somehow floating voxels in space… but our current hardware technology/consoles are so optimized towards polygonal rendering (i remember an old Carmack article where he was talking of when games/hardware could’ve taken a different direction) that changing direction so seriously might be impossibly hard. Still, it’s great to see them try!

Euclidion SOLIDSCAN, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings