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+, +, +, +, + navigating an open world like I’ve never seen before! All first person games will from now on have to live up to the standards raised by this level of freedom in navigation. I mean of course I don’t expect all games to become open world exploration games, but just like how Assassin’s Creed revolutionized the 3rd person genre by showing that one shouldn’t be stopped by shoulder high barricades and even houses, that’s how I hope this game will raise the bar for all 1st person games

+, +, + very interesting open world to explore

+, – the main story is not horrible but not great either

+, +, + however there’s a ton of secondary quests with great stories. There’s also a couple which are a bit more silly, but in the end they were not as many as I initially feared and I guess it makes sense that some of the survivors would be a bit ‘special’ after the horrible things they’ve gone through

-, – the moment when the game disappointed me was when it pulled out the first story mission with a timer for failure. Before that I played it immersively and felt responsibility for my choices, tried not to do too risky stuff, but after totally arbitrarily being forced to do something with a timed bomb, stuff I couldn’t have possibly known without trying and failing, again and again… well it was disappointing

+, +, + amazing length, great value!!!

+, + quite cool music

-, –  no dialogue choices, no story branching

+, + some quite beautiful locations!

+, +, +,+ amazing attention to the environments, the items tell such amazing stories, rooms places, items. Just amazing!!!


Conclusions: 3.7 (on a -5 to 5 scale). Best PS4 game so far from my point of view. Amazing game, I couldn’t wait for the next day after work to play a bit more, to explore the fascinating world!!!

Dying Light - impressions, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating