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Rating: 3.5/5 (2 votes cast)

+, +, + , + great big world, the environments are quite beautiful, even surprisingly so, very well done!

-, – for a game offering choices at every corner, particularly in dialogues it annoyed me every time to discover what lies and fakes the choices were. I mean it’s positively insulting to be given 3 dialogue choices to a question which are a) yes of course b) well, yess c) well, i can’t say no

+,  -, – in terms of story on the one hand it was nice that they tried something different, as it’s more the story of a place and an institution than a character, and also it was surprisingly long and with twists and mini branches, but on the minus side if you happened not to find the main story too interesting (and I didn’t) then it’s a quite long stretch of something not so interesting with pretty much no choice for you to play. I mean there were some choices but they seemed to have little choice on the main storyline.

+, + a very interesting idea with the strategy table decisions and how they interact with the whole world

+, + it’s very interesting how the universe is somehow stable, things keep returning to normal and you get to do more stuff

-, – although the locations are beautiful, they felt a bit stretched, a bit of a mmo style timewaster, without enough content to justify their scale, except endless waves of enemies to kill.

+, + great value for money, it just keeps on going on… even after finishing it.

+, – some characters are pretty interesting, while others not so much

– I felt that in pretty much all ways the game played it super safe, boringly so sometimes.

Conclusions: 1.5 ( on a -5 5o 5 scale).  A high quality game, with great production values (otherwise we wouldn’t have played it for 80h) but that also falls into mediocrity in some ways… except the environments which were quite great :D

Dragon Age: Inquisition - impressions, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings