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Didn’t expect there’s so much story in there. Nice integration with previous stories.

Here is some detailing from the article:

The Night Sentinels were the guardians of the Wraiths and acted as both their holy servants and a bridle for their awesome power. These guardians were imbued with Wraith energy and proved fierce opponents of Hell’s legions and, according to the Ungmar Codex, almost triumphed over Hell but were betrayed by a member of their order. The unnamed Betrayer struck a bargain with a lowly Hell priest, Daeg Grav, for the return of his son who had been lost in battle, and he led the priest and his cabal to the source of the Night Sentinels’ power, the Elemental Wraiths. Daeg Grav cursed the Wraiths while they slept, and the Hell priests stole their energy for their own devices. Argent D’Nur was defeated, and their realm absorbed by Hell, along with the Argent energy that led to the creation of The Well.

A mixture of trivia and serious backstory. Interesting stuff about the betrayer and the vengeful marine.