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Rating: 3.0/5 (1 vote cast)

+ nice atmosphere

– – – Boss battles. Particularly annoying if you happen to have played most of the game as a not so strong stealthy-hacking game like I did… this is a trap I see in many games: they say they offer you the choice to play any way you want, but if you happen to want to play the game without shooting everything in sight everything is okay right until the moment when they lock you into a room with a boss and suddenly you, the person who had trouble even with normal enemies in the open have nowhere to hide, nothing to hack and it feels like no alternative solutions (or if they are there, they’re unintuitive and you only find them out after dying many many times in frustration).

+ original story (I think probably we should see more games like this in the next decade, the theme of bioengineering should come soon)

+ nice hacking element

– very little content

– feels like the old game engine, just with a higher resolution… the textures are very bland, feels like no details. Content wise this feels like a 2004 game, a deus ex 2, more similar to the 2000 game… yes, that’s a good thing in some ways… but not 12 years later :P

+ whistling and pieces of the cool Deus Ex music

– but they didn’t hire Alexander Brandon to make some new one :P

+ split finish

+ some surprising choices, but fewer than I would have hoped

+ multiple ways of doing many things


Deus Ex : Human Revolution - quick impressions, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating