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+ fantastic story

– occasionally too many waves of enemies, though the fighting is reasonably fun

+ very interesting balance between power and weakness, despite the powers you feel the need for the guns, and due to the lights and grouped enemies you often have to play quite tactically/retreat/rethink

+ the motion capture/animations are particularly good

+ very interesting characters, even just in the mafia-movie genre

+ maaan, the stories, I don’t wanna give spoilers but it reeeeeeeally messes with your mind and perceptions of reality in a superbly elegant way

+ very good text writing, great lines

+ a lot of great dialogue, even read descriptions of items

– the usual too much screaming in games, like I was saying in another article this game too doesn’t know how to distinguish between the player’s desire to hear higher volume of the dialogues for the good writing and higher volume of general repetitive fight screaming. Some of the lines in fights are genuinely interesting and give insights into the background of the enemies, however there is also the mandatory death screaming which is annoying for me as well as, i’m sure, the neighbours, which is a shame, just giving our beloved games industry a bad name

+ superb modeling, awesome architcture

– not that many choices, but that’s sorta forgivable because the narative is so central

+ okay, i have to say it again, the story is just fantastic, the twists, and turns, the story inside story, the narrative character… veeery professional stuff

+ some truly original ideas in the game. For example the demonic guns are something i’ve never seen so well done before. Also everything is so wrapped around the story, with radical gameplay mechanics introduced only as the story progresses.

+ Great contrast between the mafia luxury and the darkness and horror elements. I even saw a tiny tribute to Lovecraft on a TV screen somewhere

+ Like the better games if you have the patience to wait through the credits you are rewarded with a very cool story element

+ I didn’t play the original game but the original Darkness being possibly my favorite comic I didn’t expect this game to truly surprise, I couldn’t really imagine the subject would have anywhere to go after the rise to power, or that it would be treated so nicely

+ oh, okay, this one’s a tiny spoiler, so beware: maaaan, the asylum sections are suuublimely done, the context, the story, the characters, how you keep making connections to the story, how interesting each character is, how much story it lets you make up in your head…

+ very nice orchestral music, the occasional boom box rap modern stuff and last but certainly my favorite, the piano sections

All in all I think one of the most artistic games in the last year, I would warmly recommend it to anybody who isn’t afraid of some shooter mechanics and the gore elements.

Darkness 2 - quick impressions, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings