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Author Topic: The new iPhone... 8... Plus
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Post The new iPhone... 8... Plus
on: September 28, 2017, 10:39

Since the front page of artsygamer is about games and game industry I felt like this would not be a fitting article but since it might be interesting to some I decided to write in on the forums.

My first smartphone ever was the iPhone 3GS which I got fall 2009. It was something out of this world, the first phone that gave me proper - if slow compared to today's standards - access to the internet while being a decent music player, the best phone camera ever and apps! Since then, I've had more smartphones than most people will ever own in their entire life. I had the HTC Dream - the first Android smartphone - which was atrocious, the Palm Pre, some Lumias, SONY Xperia phones, Samsung Galaxy phones, Moto Gs and even some China cheaps. The last iPhone I owned was the iPhone 5C because I didn't like the design and direction of the iPhone 6. Or so I thought. At the beginning of this year I got a Huawei P10 Plus which is my most favourite Android smartphone so far. The funny thing is: the P10 is very similar in design to the iPhone and also EMUI - Huawei's version of Android - has a mode that tries to make things as easy for iPhone switchers as possible.

Which is why I decided to get an iPhone 8 Plus with my new contract. And so far, I really really like it. Immediately you feel the difference in haptic expertise that Apple still has. The P10 Plus is a really nice piece of hardware on its own, feels slick but stable at the same time. But compared to the iPhone it feels cheap. There's something about Apple's attention to detail, from the way they spread the weight over the device to balance it out to how they seal the gaps between the metal edge of the phone and the glass front and back that makes the device feel special. It just proves to me that Apple is still the master of great haptic.

One thing that really surprised me was how different iOS is from Android. I didn't remember those OSes to be that different but it really took me some time to get used to iOS again and I think we're now at a point where it could be as difficult for longtime Android users to switch to an iPhone as it was said to be for iPhone users to switch to Android since the beginning.

The camera is great, performance is great as well. Battery lasts longer than my P10 Plus but not by a groundbreaking amount. It's a great flagship device and I don't think it's overpriced if you compare it to other flagship devices' prices when they release.

That's all so far, if you've got any questions, just ask.

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Post Re: The new iPhone... 8... Plus
on: September 28, 2017, 17:43

Wow, that's a fascinating story. You really did have a ton of phones! Impressive!
I never actually had an iPhone and am still sticking a bit to an old non smart phone for the battery life. I do however have a bunch of android "phones" that I use as tablets and i find that awesome. I can imagine apple as a phone is great, the closest i came was having an iPod touch back in the day which looked very similar to some older iphones and was a fantastic device, i was really sad when i broke that. Everything from construction to battery and ease was very nice.

PS: fantastic use of the forum, this is a super mega awesome post worth framing in golden frames of awesomeness

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